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  1. Michael Mader knew from the age of six that he wanted to work with sound, he is addicted to the "extreme sport" of Production Sound Mixing, the ultimate in adrenaline sound.
    He's drawn to the variety, complexity, and the quest for the perfect takeā€¦
    He has experiance ranging from single camera shoots, to (very) large TV series, and feature films.
    Michael will always works fanatically to get the best sound possible, in any situation.
    Best of all he wants to work on your sound!

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Sound Fanatics specialise in location recording for film and TV. We are able to provide production sound for any project from small to large.

For a full credits or equipment list please download the pdfs below.

MMader Equipment List 2012.pdf


What we do

From recording to boom operation and playback we will provide high quality services and top of the range equipment to deliver the best possible sound for your production.

Our specalised sound van is prepared for most standard production needs, with our equipment within easy reach, from headphones for clients to weather cover. It even has facilities for repairs on the run.
Sound fanatics use the Movie slate app to generate our sound reports to ensure clarity and accuracy.




Sound Fanatics uses hand picked equipment from some of the best brands in the world to assure reliability in all conditions.

To download the lastest copy of our equipment list please click below.

MMader Equipment List 2012.pdf
Our Trusted Brands

Details of equipment

From Sound bags to full drama carts and follow carts we have a large range of equipment to suit most location sound recording needs.

Trusted Brands



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